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[puh-ram-uh s] /pəˈræm əs/

a city in NE New Jersey.


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  • Paramyloid

    paramyloid par·am·y·loid (pā-rām’ə-loid’) n. A variety of amyloid deposit found in the lymph nodes in certain chronic nonspecific inflammations and in primary localized amyloidosis.

  • Paramyoclonus

    paramyoclonus par·a·my·oc·lo·nus (pār’ə-mī-ŏk’lə-nəs) n. See myoclonus multiplex.

  • Paramyotonia

    paramyotonia par·a·my·o·to·ni·a (pār’ə-mī’ə-tō’nē-ə) n. An atypical form of myotonia.

  • Paramyxoviridae

    Paramyxoviridae Par·a·myx·o·vir·i·dae (pār’ə-mĭk’sə-vēr’ĭ-dē’) n. A family of RNA-containing viruses similar in morphology to the influenza viruses.

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