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[par-uh-kwaht] /ˈpær əˌkwɑt/

noun, Chemistry.
a toxic herbicide, C 1 2 H 1 4 N 2 ⋅2CH 3 SO 4 , applied to food and flower crops and to highway borders as a defoliant and weed-killer.
trademark a yellow extremely poisonous soluble solid used in solution as a weedkiller

quick-acting herbicide, 1961, from para- (1) + first element in quaternary. So called in reference to its chemical configuration.

paraquat par·a·quat (pār’ə-kwŏt’)
A colorless compound or a related yellow compound used as a herbicide.
A toxic compound used as a herbicide, especially in its colorless, dichloride form (C12H14Cl2N2) or in its yellow, bismethyl sulfate form (C14H20N2O8S2). Paraquat is used primarily to control grass and weeds. Its use in the United States is restricted because of its high level of toxicity.


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