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parenchymatitis pa·ren·chy·ma·ti·tis (pə-rěng’kə-mə-tī’tĭs)
Inflammation of the parenchyma of a gland or organ.


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  • Parenchymatous

    [puh-reng-kuh-muh] /pəˈrɛŋ kə mə/ noun 1. Botany. the fundamental tissue of plants, composed of thin-walled cells able to divide. 2. Anatomy, Zoology. the specific tissue of an animal organ as distinguished from its connective or supporting tissue. 3. Zoology. a type of soft, spongy connective tissue of certain invertebrates, as the flatworms. 4. Pathology. the […]

  • Parenchymatous degeneration

    parenchymatous degeneration n. See cloudy swelling.

  • Parenchymatous goiter

    parenchymatous goiter n. Goiter in which there is an increase in the follicles with proliferation of the epithelium. Also called follicular goiter.

  • Parenchymatous hemorrhage

    parenchymatous hemorrhage n. Bleeding into the substance of an organ.

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