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[puh-ren-tl] /pəˈrɛn tl/

of or relating to a .
proper to or characteristic of a :
parental feelings.
having the relation of a .
Genetics. pertaining to the sequence of generations preceding the filial generation, each generation being designated by a P followed by a subscript number indicating its place in the sequence.
of or relating to a parent or parenthood
(genetics) designating the first generation in a line, which gives rise to all succeeding (filial) generations

1620s, from Latin parentalis “of parents,” from parens (see parent (n.)). Related: Parentally.

parental pa·ren·tal (pə-rěn’tl)


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    noun any situation where one parent pits a child or children against the other parent, usu. during divorce Examples Parental alienation can be done consciously or unconsciously, but either way it is harmful. Word Origin by 1970

  • Parental generation

    parental generation n. The generation of individuals of different genotypes that are mated, usually for scientific purposes, to produce hybrids.

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