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[pahr-jit] /ˈpɑr dʒɪt/

any of various plasters or roughcasts for covering walls or other surfaces, especially a mortar of lime, hair, and cow dung for lining chimney flues.
(defs 2, 3).
verb (used with object), pargeted, pargeting or (especially British) pargetted, pargetting.
to cover or decorate with parget or .
[pahr-ji-ting] /ˈpɑr dʒɪ tɪŋ/
the act of a person who .
ornamental or fine plasterwork, especially exterior plasterwork bearing designs in low relief.
a lining of mortar or plaster for a chimney flue or the like.
Also called pargeting

another name for gypsum
verb (transitive)
to cover or decorate with parget


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