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Zoology. a median outgrowth of the diencephalon anterior to the pineal apparatus, having visual adaptations in many anamniotes and lizards.


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  • Parietal fistula

    parietal fistula n. A blind or complete fistula opening on the wall of the thorax or the abdomen.

  • Parietal foramen

    parietal foramen n. An opening in the parietal bone near the sagittal margin to the rear.

  • Parietal hernia

    parietal hernia n. A hernia in which only a portion of the wall of the intestine is involved. Also called Richter’s hernia, Littre’s hernia.

  • Parietal-lobe

    noun, Anatomy. 1. the middle part of each cerebral hemisphere behind the central sulcus. noun 1. the portion of each cerebral hemisphere concerned with the perception and interpretation of sensations of touch, temperature, and taste and with muscular movements parietal lobe n. The middle portion of each cerebral hemisphere, separated from the frontal lobe by […]

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