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[pahr-luh-muh nt] /ˈpɑr lə mənt/

noun, Obsolete.


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  • Parley

    [pahr-lee] /ˈpɑr li/ noun, plural parleys. 1. a discussion or conference. 2. an informal conference between enemies under a truce, especially to discuss terms, conditions of surrender, etc. verb (used without object), parleyed, parleying. 3. to hold an informal conference with an enemy under a truce, as between active hostilities. 4. to speak, talk, or […]

  • Parleyvoo

    /ˌpɑːlɪˈvuː/ verb (intransitive) 1. to speak French noun 2. the French language 3. a Frenchman colloquial for “the French language,” 1754, from French parlez-vous (français?) “do you speak (French?)” For parlez, see parley (n.).

  • Parley-voo

    verb To speak, esp a foreign language: She wondered if he parley-vooed Chinese [WWI Army; fr French parlez-vous, ”do you speak?”]

  • Parliamentarian

    [pahr-luh-men-tair-ee-uh n, -muh n- or, sometimes, pahrl-yuh-] /ˌpɑr lə mɛnˈtɛər i ən, -mən- or, sometimes, ˌpɑrl yə-/ noun 1. a person who is expert in the formal rules and procedures of deliberative assemblies and other formal organizations. 2. (sometimes initial capital letter) British. a member of Parliament. 3. (initial capital letter) a partisan of the […]

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