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[pahr-puh n] /ˈpɑr pən/

1 .


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  • Parpend

    /ˈpɑːpənd/ noun 1. other names for perpend1

  • Parquet

    [pahr-key] /pɑrˈkeɪ/ noun 1. a floor composed of short strips or blocks of wood forming a pattern, sometimes with inlays of other woods or other materials. 2. the part of the main floor of a theater, opera house, etc., that is between the musicians’ area and the parterre or rear division or, especially in the […]

  • Parquet-circle

    noun 1. (def 1). noun 1. (US) the seating area of the main floor of a theatre that lies to the rear of the auditorium and underneath the balcony Also called parterre

  • Parquetry

    [pahr-ki-tree] /ˈpɑr kɪ tri/ noun 1. mosaic work of wood used for floors, wainscoting, etc.; marquetry. /ˈpɑːkɪtrɪ/ noun 1. a geometric pattern of inlaid pieces of wood, often of different kinds, esp as used to cover a floor or to ornament furniture Compare marquetry

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