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[pahr-slee] /ˈpɑr sli/

an herb, Pertoselinum crispum, native to the Mediterranean, having either curled leaf clusters (French parsley) or flat compound leaves (Italian parsley) widely cultivated for use in garnishing or seasoning food.
Compare .
the leaves of this plant, used to garnish or season food.
any of certain allied or similar plants.
Also, parslied, parsleyed. cooked or garnished with parsley:
parsley potatoes.
a S European umbelliferous plant, Petroselinum crispum, widely cultivated for its curled aromatic leaves, which are used in cooking
any of various similar and related plants, such as fool’s-parsley, stone parsley, and cow parsley

14c. merger of Old English petersilie and Old French peresil (13c., Modern French persil), both from Medieval Latin petrosilium, from Latin petroselinum, from Greek petroselinon “rock-parsley,” from petros “rock, stone” + selinon “celery” (see celery).

A Pascal extension for construction of parse trees, by Barber of Summit Software. It features Iterators.
[“PARSLEY: A New Compiler-Compiler”, in Software Development Tools, Techniques and Alternatives, Arlington VA, Jul 1983, pp.232-241].


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