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[pahrt-tahy-mer] /ˈpɑrtˈtaɪ mər/

a person who works, attends school, etc., less than full time.


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  • Parturient

    [pahr-too r-ee-uh nt, -tyoo r-] /pɑrˈtʊər i ənt, -ˈtyʊər-/ adjective 1. bearing or about to bear young; travailing. 2. pertaining to parturition. 3. bringing forth or about to produce something, as an idea. /pɑːˈtjʊərɪənt/ adjective 1. of or relating to childbirth 2. giving birth 3. producing or about to produce a new idea, etc adj. […]

  • Parturient canal

    parturient canal n. See birth canal.

  • Parturient fever

    noun 1. another name for milk fever

  • Parturifacient

    [pahr-too r-uh-fey-shuh nt, -tyoo r-] /pɑrˌtʊər əˈfeɪ ʃənt, -ˌtyʊər-/ Medicine/Medical adjective 1. inducing or accelerating labor, or childbirth; oxytocic. noun 2. a parturifacient agent. /pɑːˌtjʊərɪˈfeɪʃənt/ adjective, noun 1. a medical word for oxytocic parturifacient par·tu·ri·fa·cient (pär-tur’ə-fā’shənt, -tyur’-) n. Inducing or accelerating childbirth; oxytocic. n. A drug facilitating childbirth.

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