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adjective, Heraldry.


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    [pahr-te-rah] /pɑrˈtɛ rɑ/ noun, plural parteras [pahr-te-rahs] /pɑrˈtɛ rɑs/ (Show IPA). Spanish. 1. a midwife.

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    [pahr-tair] /pɑrˈtɛər/ noun 1. Also called parquet circle. the rear section of seats, and sometimes also the side sections, of the main floor of a theater, concert hall, or opera house. 2. an ornamental arrangement of flower beds of different shapes and sizes. /pɑːˈtɛə/ noun 1. a formally patterned flower garden 2. (Brit & Irish) […]

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    [pahr-thee-nee-uh] /pɑrˈθi ni ə/ noun, Classical Mythology. 1. an epithet of Athena, meaning “virgin.”.

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    noun 1. a transaction in which used goods are taken as partial payment for more expensive ones of the same type

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