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Particle beam weapon

a weapon that fires particle beams into the atmosphere or space


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  • Particle-board

    noun 1. any of various composition boards formed from small particles of wood, as flakes or shavings, tightly compressed and bonded together with a resin. noun 1. another name for chipboard

  • Particle-physics

    noun 1. the branch of physics that deals with the properties and behavior of elementary particles. noun 1. the study of fundamental particles and their properties Also called high-energy physics particle physics The branch of physics that deals with subatomic particles. See also quantum field theory, quantum mechanics. The branch of science devoted to the […]

  • Particle separation

    noun 1. (transformational grammar) a rule that moves the particle of a phrasal verb, thus deriving a sentence like He looked the answer up from a structure that also underlies He looked up the answer

  • Particle-velocity

    noun, Physics. 1. the velocity of a point in a medium that is undergoing wave motion.

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