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Parting is such sweet sorrow

A line from the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare; Juliet is saying good night to Romeo. Their sorrowful parting is also “sweet” because it makes them think about the next time they will see each other.


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  • Parting-line

    noun, Metallurgy. 1. the line at which two closed dies or two halves of a mold meet. 2. a corresponding line or seam appearing on a molded or cast object.

  • Parting of the ways

    stood at the parting of the way.” [ c. 1600 ]

  • Parting-shot

    noun 1. a threat, insult, condemnation, sarcastic retort, or the like, uttered upon leaving. noun 1. a hostile remark or gesture delivered while departing Also called Parthian shot A final insult or last word in an argument, as in As she stalked out, Jane hurled as a parting shot, “And I quit!” This idiom apparently […]

  • Parting-strip

    noun 1. a strip, as of wood, used to keep two parts separated, as one in each side of the frame of a window to keep the sashes apart when lowered or raised. noun 1. a thin strip of wood, metal, etc, used to separate two adjoining materials

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