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a person who follows a , especially the Communist Party line.


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  • Party list

    noun 1. (modifier) of or relating to a system of voting in which people vote for a party rather than for a candidate. Parties are assigned the number of seats which reflects their share of the vote See proportional representation noun a list of candidates selected by a political party to seek election under the […]

  • Party-man

    noun 1. a person belonging to a political party, especially one who adheres strictly or blindly to its principles and policies. noun 1. a loyal member of a political party, esp one who is extremely loyal or devoted

  • Party-politics

    noun, (usually used with a singular verb) 1. politics based on strict adherence to the policies and principles of a political party regardless of the public interest; partisan loyalism. plural noun 1. politics conducted through, by, or for parties, as opposed to other interests or the public good plural noun the practice of focusing on […]

  • Party-pooper

    [poo-per] /ˈpu pər/ noun, Slang. 1. a person who hasn’t the interest or vitality to participate actively in a social party and whose mood, attitude, or personality lessens others’ enjoyment; killjoy. /ˈpuːpə/ noun 1. (informal) a person whose behaviour or personality spoils other people’s enjoyment noun phrase A morose, pessimistic person; killjoy, wet blanket: No […]

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