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[French pahduh shuh val] /French pɑdə ʃə ˈval/

noun, plural pas de cheval. Ballet.
a step in which the dancer hops on one foot and paws the ground with the other.


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  • Pas-de-cote

    [French pahduh koh-tey] /French pɑdə koʊˈteɪ/ noun, Dressage. 1. a two-track.

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    [French pahduh dœ] /French pɑdə ˈdœ/ noun, plural pas de deux. Ballet. 1. a dance by two persons. 2. (in classical ballet) a set dance for a ballerina and a danseur noble, consisting typically of an entrée, an adagio, a variation for each dancer, and a coda. /French pɑddø/ noun (pl) pas de deux 1. […]

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    [French pahduh trwah] /French pɑdə ˈtrwɑ/ noun, plural pas de trois. Ballet. 1. a dance for three dancers.

  • Pas-du-tout

    [pah dy too] /pɑ dü ˈtu/ interjection, French. 1. not at all.

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