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[pas-kwil] /ˈpæs kwɪl/

a pasquinade.
[nash] /næʃ/
John, 1752–1835, English architect and city planner.
Ogden, 1902–71, U.S. writer of humorous verse.
Also, Nashe. Thomas (“Pasquil”) 1567–1601, English dramatist, novelist, and satirical pamphleteer.
John. 1752–1835, English town planner and architect. He designed Regent’s Park, Regent Street, and the Marble Arch in London
Ogden. 1902–71, US humorous poet
Paul. 1889–1946, English painter, noted esp as a war artist in both World Wars and for his landscapes
Richard, known as Beau Nash. 1674–1762, English dandy
See (Thomas) Nashe
Sir Walter. 1882–1968, New Zealand Labour statesman, born in England: prime minister of New Zealand (1957–60)

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