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a bell tolled to announce a death or funeral.
a portent or sign of the passing away of anything.
a bell rung to announce a death or a funeral Also called death bell, death knell


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  • Passing fair

    adverb admirably good; surpassingly Word Origin 1633

  • Passing-lane

    noun 1. a highway lane in which a driver may pass other vehicles legally. 2. Basketball. any open space through which players attempt to pass the ball.

  • Passing-modulation

    noun, Music. 1. . noun, Music. 1. a modulation of a temporary nature.

  • Passing-note

    noun, Music. 1. a note that is foreign to a harmony and is introduced between two successive chord tones in order to produce a melodic transition. noun 1. (music) a nonharmonic note through which a melody passes from one harmonic note to the next Compare auxiliary note

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