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[pash-uh n-tahyd] /ˈpæʃ ənˌtaɪd/

the two-week period from Passion Sunday to Holy Saturday.
the last two weeks of Lent, extending from Passion Sunday to Holy Saturday


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  • Passion-week

    noun 1. the week preceding Easter; Holy Week. 2. the week before Holy Week, beginning with Passion Sunday. noun 1. the week between Passion Sunday and Palm Sunday 2. (formerly) Holy Week; the week before Easter

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    [pas-uh-veyt] /ˈpæs əˌveɪt/ verb (used with object), passivated, passivating. Metallurgy. 1. to treat (a metal) to render the surface less reactive chemically. /ˈpæsɪˌveɪt/ verb 1. (transitive) to render (a metal) less susceptible to corrosion by coating the surface with a substance, such as an oxide

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