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Passive margin

passive margin
See divergent plate boundary.


Read Also:

  • Passive matrix display

    hardware A type of liquid crystal display which relies on persistence to maintain the state of each display element (pixel) between refresh scans. The resolution of such displays is limited by the ratio between the time to set a pixel and the time it takes to fade. Contrast active matrix display. (1995-12-09)

  • Passive-matrix

    [pas-iv-mey-triks] /ˈpæs ɪvˈmeɪ trɪks/ adjective, Electronics. 1. of or relating to a relatively low-resolution liquid-crystal display (LCD) with low contrast, a type of flat-panel display.

  • Passive movement

    passive movement n. Movement of a joint without participation or effort on the part of the subject.

  • Passiveness

    [pa-siv-i-tee] /pæˈsɪv ɪ ti/ noun 1. Also, passiveness [pas-iv-nis] /ˈpæs ɪv nɪs/ (Show IPA). the state or condition of being . 2. chemical inactivity, especially the resistance to corrosion of certain metals when covered with a coherent oxide layer. n. 1650s, from passive + -ness. n. 1650s, from passive + -ity.

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