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Passive safety

the practice of taking measures to reduce the consequences of accidents, as opposed to attempting to avoid them altogether Compare active safety


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  • Passive-smoking

    noun 1. the inhaling of cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke of others, especially by a nonsmoker in an enclosed area. noun 1. the inhalation of smoke from other people’s cigarettes by a nonsmoker noun involuntary inhaling of smoke created by others

  • Passive-transfer

    noun 1. Immunology. injection of lymphocytes or antibody from an immune or sensitized donor to a nonimmune host in order to impart immunity or test for allergic reactions. passive transfer n. The transfer of skin-sensitizing antibodies from the blood of an allergic individual to that of a nonallergic individual in order to test for an […]

  • Passive tremor

    passive tremor n. A tremor occurring at rest, and diminishing or ceasing during voluntary movement.

  • Passive vocabulary

    noun 1. all the words, collectively, that a person can understand Compare active vocabulary noun the lexemes known by a person, but not used Examples Our passive vocabulary is usually a third larger than our active vocabulary; we understand far more words than we routinely use.

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