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[pas-kee, pahs-] /ˈpæsˌki, ˈpɑs-/

noun, plural passkeys.
a private .
a latchkey.
any of various keys, esp a latchkey
another term for master key, skeleton key


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  • Pass law

    noun 1. (formerly, in South Africa) a law restricting the movement of Black Africans, esp from rural to urban areas

  • Passo-fundo

    [pah-soo foon-doo] /ˈpɑ sʊ ˈfũ dʊ/ noun 1. a city in S Brazil.

  • Passout

    noun A person who has passed out, esp from drinking: finding yourself with an 18-year-old passout on your hands (1950s+)

  • Passover

    [pas-oh-ver, pahs-] /ˈpæsˌoʊ vər, ˈpɑs-/ noun 1. Also called Pesach, Pesah. a Jewish festival that commemorates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt and is marked chiefly by the Seder ritual and the eating of matzoth. It begins on the 14th day of Nisan and is celebrated for eight days by Orthodox and Conservative Jews […]

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