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Patch quilt

(Irish) a patchwork quilt


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  • Patch-reef

    noun 1. an isolated coral growth forming a small platform in a lagoon, barrier reef, or atoll.

  • Patch space

    An unused block of bits left in a binary so that it can later be modified by insertion of machine-language instructions there (typically, the patch space is modified to contain new code, and the superseded code is patched to contain a jump or call to the patch space). The widening use of HLLs has made […]

  • Patchstand

    [pach-stand] /ˈpætʃˌstænd/ noun 1. a small tazza.

  • Patch-test

    noun 1. Medicine/Medical. a test for suspected allergy by application to the skin of a patch impregnated with an allergen: allergic reaction is indicated by redness at the site of application. noun 1. (med) a test to detect an allergic reaction by applying small amounts of a suspected substance to the skin and then examining […]

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