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[path-neym] /ˈpæθˌneɪm/

noun, Computers.
the sequence of symbols and names indicating the location of a particular file in a hierarchical file system.
(computing) the name of a file or directory together with its position in relation to other directories traced back in a line to the root; the names of the file and each of the parent directories are separated from one another by slashes
The fully specified name of a computer file, including the position of the file in the file system’s directory structure.

file system
(Or “path”) The specification of a node (file or directory) in a hierarchical file system. The path is usually specified by listing the nodes top-down, separating the directories by the pathname separator (“/” in Unix, “\” in MS-DOS).
A pathname may be an absolute pathname or a relative pathname. The part of the pathname of a file after the last separator is called the basename.


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    file system The character used to separate elements of a path or pathname. Under Unix and POSIX.1 compliant systems the pathname separator is the (forward) slash, in MS-DOS backslash serves the same purpose. For obvious reasons the no directory or file name can contain this character. (1996-11-21)

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