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[puht-nuh, pat‐, puht-nah] /ˈpʌt nə, ˈpæt‐, ˈpʌtˈnɑ/

a city in and the capital of Bihar, in NE India, on the Ganges.
[bee-hahr] /biˈhɑr/
a state in NE India. 67,164 sq. mi. (173,955 sq. km).
Capital: Patna.
a city in the central part of this state.
a city in NE India, capital of Bihar state, on the River Ganges: founded in the 5th century bc; university (1917); centre of a rice-growing region. Pop: 1 376 950 (2001)
a state of NE India: consists of part of the Ganges plain; important for rice: lost the S to the new state of Jharkhand in 2000. Capital: Patna. Pop: 82 878 796 (2001). Area: 99 225 sq km (38 301 sq miles)


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