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Alan (Stewart) 1903–88, South African novelist.
Historical Examples

Meantime he was to see old Paton Gorry and generally take the soundings.
The Deemster Hall Caine

For meanwhile Mr Paton had taken quite a wrong view of his character.
St. Winifred’s Frederic W. Farrar

Mr. Paton of Dunfermline possesses a gold torquated ring, obtained in that neighbourhood.
The Archaeology and Prehistoric Annals of Scotland Daniel Wilson

“He’s very intelligent about flowers,” Paton went on, waving his glass in animation.
The Genius Con Pederson

She was a very intelligent child, learned things like any white girl, and soon became quite a help to Mrs. Paton.
The Story of John G. Paton James Paton

Sandford, too, had run a great race, and had almost tied with Paton on the post.
The Story of Baden-Powell Harold Begbie

I hastened back to get the Teacher and carry Mr. Paton to the scene of distress.
The Story of John G. Paton James Paton

II:, an account of his desertion of his master, Captain Paton.
A Journey through the Kingdom of Oude, Volumes I & II William Sleeman

Mr. Paton then took me to Malo, where a Frenchman, Mr. I., was expecting me.
Two Years with the Natives in the Western Pacific Felix Speiser

Captain Vernon and Lieutenant Paton managed by superhuman efforts to reach the loopholes, into which they emptied their revolvers.
The Siege of Mafeking (1900) J. Angus Hamilton.

Alan (Stewart). 1903–88, South African writer, noted esp for his novel dealing with racism and apartheid in South Africa, Cry, the Beloved Country (1965)


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