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devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.
Contemporary Examples

The party hinted at a lack of patriotism when Gorbachev celebrated his 80th birthday in London.
Gorbachev Lashes Out at Putin Anna Nemtsova August 21, 2011

Powell possessed a powerful sense of loyalty and duty and patriotism, all of which meant that he was willing to put up with a lot.
Why I Didn’t Resign Richard N. Haass May 4, 2009

In a struggle for the meaning of American patriotism, the red prevailed over the blue.
Star-Spangled Confederates: How Southern Sympathizers Decided Our National Anthem Jefferson Morley July 3, 2013

Hanford offers everything a storyteller could want,” said the narrator, including “intrigue” and “patriotism.
At the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, a Steady Drip of Toxic Trouble Eric Nusbaum February 23, 2013

Flooded with patriotism, he wanted the rights afforded to every American–among those, jury duty and the right to vote.
Christopher Hitchens on Waterboarding, Mother Teresa, and More Controversial Moments (VIDEO) Brittany Jones-Cooper December 15, 2011

Historical Examples

See to it that the new associations make for righteousness and patriotism.
Aliens or Americans? Howard B. Grose

His wisdom and patriotism will become henceforth conspicuous.
A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion William Dobein James

We have failed to appreciate that the Indian, in being driven from his lands, has retaliated from motives of patriotism.
Stories of the Badger State Reuben Gold Thwaites

I thank him publicly for his companionship and his patriotism.
The Uncommercial Traveller Charles Dickens

He mounted the rude platform hastily erected in front of the state house, burning with indignation, and glowing with patriotism.
The Cavaliers of Virginia William A. Caruthers

devotion to one’s own country and concern for its defence Compare nationalism

1726, from patriot + -ism.


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