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[puh-tris-tik] /pəˈtrɪs tɪk/

of or relating to the fathers of the Christian church or their writings.
of or relating to the Fathers of the Church, their writings, or the study of these

1773, from patri- + -istic. Related: patristical (1819).


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  • Patristics

    [puh-tris-tiks] /pəˈtrɪs tɪks/ noun, (used with a singular verb) 1. (def 1). noun See patrology

  • Patristic study

    noun See patrology

  • Patrix

    [pey-triks, pa-] /ˈpeɪ trɪks, ˈpæ-/ noun, plural patrices [pey-truh-seez, pa-] /ˈpeɪ trəˌsiz, ˈpæ-/ (Show IPA), patrixes. Printing. 1. a mold of a Linotype for casting right-reading type for use in dry offset.

  • Patrobas

    a Christian at Rome to whom Paul sent salutations (Rom. 16:14).

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