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Eleanor Medill (“Cissy”) 1884–1948, U.S. newspaper editor and publisher.
Floyd, 1935–2006, U.S. boxer: world heavyweight champion 1956–59, 1960–62.
Frederick Douglass, 1901–1988, U.S. educator; founder of United Negro College Fund.
Contemporary Examples

When Machines Rule the World Daniel Gross October 24, 2012
My Building Exploded. I Survived: Harlem Miracle Man Tells His Story Michael Daly March 12, 2014
Robert Ford: Troubleshooter Christopher Dickey August 5, 2013
Olympics ‘Travesty’: Jordyn Wieber’s All-Around Gymnastics Exclusion Tricia Romano July 30, 2012
He Faces Jail for Rescuing Baby Eagles Michael Daly November 1, 2014

Historical Examples

Mosby’s War Reminiscences John Singleton Mosby
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908 Lucy Maud Montgomery
The Beautiful White Devil Guy Boothby
The Critical Period of American History John Fiske
A Source Book in American History to 1787 Various


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