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[peyv-muh nt] /ˈpeɪv mənt/

a road, highway, etc.
a surface, ground covering, or floor.
a material used for .
Atlantic States and British. .
pound the pavement, Informal. to walk the streets in order to accomplish something:
If you’re going to find work you’d better start pounding the pavement.
a hard-surfaced path for pedestrians alongside and a little higher than a road US and Canadian word sidewalk
a paved surface, esp one that is a thoroughfare
the material used in paving
(civil engineering) the hard layered structure that forms a road carriageway, airfield runway, vehicle park, or other paved areas
(geology) a level area of exposed rock resembling a paved road See limestone pavement

mid-13c., from Old French pavement “roadway, pathway; paving stone” (12c.) and directly from Latin pavimentum “hard floor, level surface beaten firm,” from pavire (see pave).

It was the custom of the Roman governors to erect their tribunals in open places, as the market-place, the circus, or even the highway. Pilate caused his seat of judgment to be set down in a place called “the Pavement” (John 19:13) i.e., a place paved with a mosaic of coloured stones. It was probably a place thus prepared in front of the “judgment hall.” (See GABBATHA.)

see: pound the pavement


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