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  • Pay-television

    noun 1. a commercial service that broadcasts or provides television programs to viewers who pay a monthly charge or a per-program fee. 2. the programming provided. noun 1. a system by which television programmes are transmitted in scrambled form, unintelligible except to those who have paid for descrambling equipment Also called subscription television Compare free-to-air, […]

  • Pay the freight

    verb phrase To pay for; compensate for; bear the expense of; pick up the tab: We may have to ”pay the freight for well-meant efforts at improvement” (1970s+)

  • Payton

    [peyt-n] /ˈpeɪt n/ noun 1. Walter (“Sweetness”) 1954–99, U.S. football player. 2. a male given name. /ˈpeɪtən/ noun 1. Walter. 1954–99, American footballer and sports administrator

  • Paywall

    [pey-wawl] /ˈpeɪˌwɔl/ noun 1. a system in which access to all or part of a website is restricted to paid subscribers: Some newspapers have put their content behind a paywall. 2. the part of a website that can be accessed only by paid subscribers.

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