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[puh-zaz] /pəˈzæz/



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  • Paz Estenssoro

    [pahs es-tens-saw-raw] /ˈpɑs ˌɛs tɛnsˈsɔ rɔ/ noun 1. Victor [beek-tawr] /ˈbik tɔr/ (Show IPA), 1907–2001, Bolivian economist and statesman: president 1952–56, 1960–64, 1985–89.

  • Pazyryk

    [paz-uh-rik] /ˈpæz ə rɪk/ noun 1. the site of 40 wood-lined pit tombs c500–c300 b.c. in the Altai Mountains of central Asia, containing the tattooed bodies of nomadic chieftains of the eastern Steppes and grave goods all well-preserved in a frozen state.

  • Pazzazz

    /pəˈzæz/ noun 1. (informal) variants of pizzazz

  • Pb

    Symbol, Chemistry. 1. . 1. power brakes. Symbol, Computers. 1. . 1. British Pharmacopoeia. 1. Prayer Book. 1. Baseball. passed ball; passed balls. Chemical symbol 1. lead abbreviation 1. Pharmacopoeia Britannica 2. Prayer Book 3. (athletics) personal best Pb The symbol for the element lead2. Pb The symbol for lead. lead (lěd) Symbol Pb A […]

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