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  • Pc pursuit

    A TELENET service which enabled people to dial up BBSes in other cities for less than normal long-distance rates. PC Pursuit died because TELENET were too mean to upgrade beyond 2400 bits per second. (1994-10-17)

  • Pcr

    abbreviation 1. polymerase chain reaction: a technique for rapidly producing many copies of a fragment of DNA for diagnostic or research purposes PCR (polymerase chain reaction) A laboratory technique that can amplify the amount of DNA from a tiny sample to a large amount within just a few hours. Theoretically, PCR can take one molecule […]

  • Pc-rt

    computer An incorrect name for the RT-PC. (1995-04-06)

  • PCS

    1. Personal Communications Service: a system of digital wireless communications, used especially for mobile phones and often including additional features, as caller ID or paging. abbreviation (in Britain) 1. Public and Commercial Services Union 1. Personal Communication Services. 2. PC-Scheme. 1. personal communications service 2. Placed on Calendar Senate 3. predefined command sequence 4. programmable […]

  • Pc-scheme

    Version 3.03 compiler, debugger, profiler, editor, libraries (ftp://altdorf.ai.mit.edu/archive/pc-scheme/). Written at Texas Instruments. Runs on MS-DOS 286/386 IBM PCs and compatibles. Includes an optimising compiler, an emacs-like editor, inspector, debugger, performance testing, foreign function interface, window system and an object-oriented subsystem. Also supports the dialect used in Hal Abelson and Gerald Sussman’s SICP. Conformance: Revised^3 Report, […]

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