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[pee-kid] /ˈpi kɪd/

pale and drawn in appearance so as to suggest illness or stress; wan and sickly.
having a peak; pointed

“sickly-looking,” 1835, from past participle of obsolete verb peak “look sickly or thin, shrink, waste away” (1540s), which is perhaps from peak in sense of “become pointed” through emaciation. Related: Peakedness.


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  • Peak envelope power

    communications (PEP) The maximum power output by a radio transmitter over one complete RF cycle at any modulation. (2008-02-11)

  • Peaker plant

    A supplemental power plant that operates only when demand for power is high. These plants often run on natural gas.

  • Peak-experience

    noun, Psychology. 1. a high point in the life of a self-actualizer, during which the person feels ecstatic and more alive and whole than is usual.

  • Peak expiratory flow

    peak expiratory flow n. The maximum flow of air at the outset of forced expiration, which is reduced in proportion to the severity of airway obstruction, as in asthma.

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