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[pee-kee] /ˈpi ki/

adjective, peakier, peakiest.
2 .
adjective -kier, -kiest
wan, emaciated, or sickly


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  • Peakish

    [peek] /pik/ verb (used without object) 1. to become weak, thin, and sickly. /piːk/ noun 1. a pointed end, edge, or projection: the peak of a roof 2. the pointed summit of a mountain 3. a mountain with a pointed summit 4. the point of greatest development, strength, etc: the peak of his career 5. […]

  • Peak load

    noun 1. the maximum load on an electrical power-supply system Compare base load noun the maximum demand for electrical power

  • Peak pricing

    noun See congestion pricing

  • Peak programme meter

    noun 1. an instrument for assessing the maximum levels of an electrical sound signal Abbreviation PPM, ppm

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