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[per-les-uh nt] /pərˈlɛs ənt/

having an iridescent luster resembling that of pearl; nacreous:
healthy skin with a pearlescent glow.


Read Also:

  • Pearl-essence

    noun 1. a lustrous, silvery-white substance obtained from the scales of certain fishes or derived synthetically, as from mercuric chloride: used chiefly in the manufacture of simulated pearls and as a pigment in lacquer (pearl lacquer)

  • Pearleye

    [purl-ahy] /ˈpɜrlˌaɪ/ noun, plural pearleyes (especially collectively) pearleye. 1. any of several deep-sea fishes of the family Scopelarchidae, having large, hooked teeth on the tongue, telescopic , and an iridescent patch on each tube.

  • Pearlfish

    [purl-fish] /ˈpɜrlˌfɪʃ/ noun, plural pearlfishes (especially collectively) pearlfish. 1. any of several small of the family Carapidae, living within oysters, sea cucumbers, starfishes, etc.

  • Pearl-gray

    noun 1. a very pale bluish gray.

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