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[peez-kod] /ˈpizˌkɒd/

the pod of the pea.
the front of a 16th-century doublet, quilted or stuffed to form a pointed bulge over the stomach and abdomen.
(archaic) the pod of a pea plant


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  • Peasecod-breastplate

    noun, Armor. 1. a breastplate having a long central ridge terminating in a raised area overhanging the waistline.

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    noun a split pea baked pudding, sometimes with ham; also called {pease pudding} Examples I need a recipe for Pease Porridge (Split Pea Soup). Word Origin 1548 Usage Note cooking

  • Pease-pudding

    noun, Chiefly British. 1. a pudding of strained split peas mixed with egg. noun 1. (esp in Britain) a dish of split peas that have been soaked and boiled served with ham or pork noun See pease porridge

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    [pee-shoo-ter] /ˈpiˌʃu tər/ noun 1. a tube through which dried , beans, or small pellets are blown, used as a toy. /ˈpiːˌʃuːtə/ noun 1. a tube through which pellets such as dried peas are blown, used as a toy weapon

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