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[pek-tuh-neyt] /ˈpɛk təˌneɪt/

formed into or having closely parallel, toothlike projections; comblike.
shaped like a comb: pectinate antennae

pectinate pec·ti·nate (pěk’tə-nāt’) or pec·ti·nat·ed (-nā’tĭd)
Having projections resembling the teeth of a comb; comblike.
pec’ti·na’tion n.


Read Also:

  • Pectinate line

    pectinate line n. See anocutaneous line.

  • Pectinate zone

    pectinate zone n. The outer region of the basal layer of the cochlear duct of the ear.

  • Pectinate muscle

    pectinate muscle n. Any of the prominent ridges of atrial myocardium located on the inner surfaces of much of the right atrium and of both auricles.

  • Pectineal

    pectineal pec·tin·e·al (pěk-tĭn’ē-əl) adj.

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