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Pectoral muscle

either of two large chest muscles (pectoralis major and pectoralis minor), that assist in movements of the shoulder and upper arm


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  • Pectoral nerve

    pectoral nerve n. Either of two nerves, designated medial and lateral, that arise from the brachial plexus and pass to the pectoral muscles.

  • Pectorals

    [pek-ter-uh l] /ˈpɛk tər əl/ adjective 1. of, in, on, or pertaining to the chest or breast; thoracic. 2. worn on the breast or chest. 3. proceeding from the heart or inner consciousness. 4. Speech. (of a vocal quality) appearing to come from resonance in the chest; full or deep. 5. of or for diseases […]

  • Pectoral-sandpiper

    noun 1. an American sandpiper, Calidris melanotos, the male of which, when courting, inflates its chest conspicuously.

  • Pectoral vein

    pectoral vein n. Any of the veins draining the pectoral muscles and emptying into the subclavian vein.

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