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[pek-tohs] /ˈpɛk toʊs/

noun, Biochemistry.
an insoluble carbohydrate found in the cell walls of unripe fruit that is converted to pectin by enzymic processes


Read Also:

  • Pectous

    [pek-tuh s] /ˈpɛk təs/ adjective, Biochemistry. 1. of, relating to, or consisting of pectin or protopectin.

  • Pectus

    pectus pec·tus (pěk’təs) n. pl. pec·to·ra (pěk’tə-rə) The chest, especially the anterior wall; breast; thorax.

  • Pectus carinatum

    pectus carinatum pectus car·i·na·tum (kār’ə-nā’təm) n. See pigeon breast.

  • Pectus excavatum

    pectus excavatum pectus ex·ca·va·tum (ěk’skə-vā’təm) n. See funnel chest.

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