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[ped-ling] /ˈpɛd lɪŋ/

trifling; paltry; piddling.
[ped-l] /ˈpɛd l/
verb (used with object), peddled, peddling.
to carry (small articles, goods, wares, etc.) from place to place for sale at retail; hawk.
to deal out, distribute, or dispense, especially in small quantities:
to peddle radical ideas.
to sell (drugs) illicitly.
verb (used without object), peddled, peddling.
to go from place to place with goods, wares, etc., for sale at retail.
to occupy oneself with trifles; trifle.
to go from place to place selling (goods, esp small articles)
(transitive) to sell (illegal drugs, esp narcotics)
(transitive) to advocate (ideas) persistently or importunately: to peddle a new philosophy
(intransitive) (archaic) to trifle

“to retail,” 1837 in modern use, a colloquial back-formation from peddler. Related: Peddled; peddling.


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