[puh-des-tree-uh n] /pəˈdɛs tri ən/

a person who goes or travels on foot; walker.
going or performed on foot; walking.
of or relating to walking.
lacking in vitality, imagination, distinction, etc.; commonplace; prosaic or dull:
a pedestrian commencement speech.

dull; commonplace: a pedestrian style of writing

1716, “prosaic, dull” (of writing), from Latin pedester (genitive pedestris) “plain, not versified, prosaic,” literally “on foot” (sense contrasted with equester “on horseback”), from pedes “one who goes on foot,” from pes (genitive pedis) “foot” (see foot (n.)). Meaning “going on foot” is first attested 1791 in English (it also was a sense of Latin pedester). The earlier adjective in English was pedestrial (1610s).

“walker,” 1793, from pedestrian (adj.).

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  • Pedestrian crossing

    noun 1. (Brit) a path across a road marked as a crossing for pedestrians US and Canadian name crosswalk See also zebra crossing, pelican crossing

  • Pedestrianism

    [puh-des-tree-uh-niz-uh m] /pəˈdɛs tri əˌnɪz əm/ noun 1. the exercise or practice of walking. 2. commonplace or prosaic manner, quality, etc.

  • Pedestrianize

    [puh-des-tree-uh-nahyz] /pəˈdɛs tri əˌnaɪz/ verb (used without object), pedestrianized, pedestrianizing. 1. to go on foot; walk. /pɪˈdɛstrɪəˌnaɪz/ verb 1. (transitive) to convert (a street) into an area for the use of pedestrians only, by excluding all motor vehicles

  • Pedestrian-way

    noun 1. . [ped-wey] /ˈpɛdˌweɪ/ noun 1. a walkway, usually enclosed, permitting to go from building to building, as in an urban center, without passing through traffic.

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    1. a combining form meaning “foot,” used in the formation of compound words: pediform. /ˈpɛdɪ/ noun 1. Also called Northern Sotho. a member of a subgroup of the Sotho people resident in the Transvaal 2. the dialect of Sotho spoken by this people combining form 1. indicating the foot: pedicure

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