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Pedro I

[pey-droh; Portuguese pe-droo] /ˈpeɪ droʊ; Portuguese ˈpɛ drʊ/

(Dom Pedro) 1798–1834, king of Portugal (1826, as Pedro IV) and first emperor of Brazil 1822–31.
1798–1834, first emperor of Brazil (1822–31); son of John VI of Portugal: declared Brazilian independence (1822)


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    noun 1. (Dom Pedro II) 1825–91, emperor of Brazil 1831–89. noun 1. 1825–91, last emperor of Brazil (1831–89); son of Pedro I. He was deposed when Brazil became a republic (1889)

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    [san-tan-uh, -tah-nuh; Spanish sahn-tah-nah] /sænˈtæn ə, -ˈtɑ nə; Spanish sɑnˈtɑ nɑ/ noun 1. Pedro [pey-droh;; Spanish pe-th raw] /ˈpeɪ droʊ;; Spanish ˈpɛ ðrɔ/ (Show IPA), 1801–64, Dominican revolutionary and political leader: president 1844–48, 1853–56, 1858–61.

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