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[pee-ler] /ˈpi lər/

a person or thing that .
a kitchen implement, often having a swiveling, protected blade, for removing the or outer skin of a vegetable or fruit.
a long-staple cotton raised originally in the regions along the Yazoo River and the Mississippi River delta.
a yarn made from this cotton.
Slang. a striptease dancer.
a log, especially of a Douglas fir, suitable for rotary cutting into veneers.
[pee-ler] /ˈpi lər/
noun, British Archaic.
a police officer.
a special knife or mechanical device for peeling vegetables, fruit, etc: a potato peeler
(US, slang) a striptease dancer
(Brit, old-fashioned, slang) another word for policeman

“policeman,” 1817, British colloquial, originally a member of the Irish constabulary, named for Sir (at that time Mr.) Robert Peel (1788-1850) who founded the Irish Constabulary (cf. bobby). In Middle English it meant “robber, thief” (mid-14c.). Meaning “strip-tease artist” (1951) is from peel (v.) in colloquial sense of “strip off clothing” (1820).


A striptease dancer; stripper: grinders, peelers, and bumpers (1940s+)

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