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[peek] /pik/

noun, Informal.
(def 1).
(informal) a Pekingese dog


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  • Pekan

    [pek-uh n] /ˈpɛk ən/ noun 1. the fisher, Martes pennanti. /ˈpɛkən/ noun 1. another name for fisher (sense 2)

  • Pekin

    [pee-kin] /ˈpiˈkɪn/ noun, (often initial capital letter) 1. a silk fabric in which broad stripes of equal width and in various colors or weaves are alternated. [pee-kin] /ˈpi kɪn/ noun 1. a city in central Illinois. [pee-kin] /ˈpiˈkɪn/ noun 1. one of a hardy breed of yellowish-white domestic ducks, raised originally in China. /piːˈkɪn/ noun […]

  • Pekepoo

    [pee-kuh-poo] /ˈpi kəˌpu/ noun, plural pekepoos. 1. . [pee-kuh-poo] /ˈpi kəˌpu/ noun, plural peekapoos. 1. one of a variety of dogs crossbred from a Pekingese and a miniature poodle.

  • Peking

    [pee-king, pey-; Chinese bey-jing] /ˈpiˈkɪŋ, ˈpeɪ-; Chinese ˈbeɪˈdʒɪŋ/ noun 1. Older Spelling. . /ˈpiːˈkɪŋ/ noun 1. the former English name of Beijing former transliteration of what is now (in the pinyin system) called Beijing. In the Wade-Giles system it was Peiping; this form Peking pre-dates Wade-Giles and was formed by the old British-run, Hong Kong-based […]

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