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[pee-kuh-neez, -nees; especially for 2–5 also pee-king-eez, -ees] /ˌpi kəˈniz, -ˈnis; especially for 2–5 also ˌpi kɪŋˈiz, -ˈis/

noun, plural Pekingese for 1, 4.
one of a Chinese breed of small dogs having a long, silky coat.
the standard Chinese language.
the dialect of .
a native or inhabitant of .
of, relating to, or characteristic of .
(pl) -ese. a small breed of pet dog with a profuse straight coat, curled plumed tail, and short wrinkled muzzle
the dialect of Mandarin Chinese spoken in Beijing (formerly Peking), the pronunciation of which serves as a standard for the language
(pl) -ese. a native or inhabitant of Beijing (formerly Peking)
of or relating to Beijing (formerly Peking) or its inhabitants

1907, “small long-haired dog of the pug type,” so called because originally brought from the Imperial Palace at Peking, China. Also Pekinese.


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