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[puh-ley-jee-uh-nahyz, -juh-nahyz] /pəˈleɪ dʒi əˌnaɪz, -dʒəˌnaɪz/

verb (used with or without object), Pelagianized, Pelagianizing.
to become or make .


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    [puh-laj-ik] /pəˈlædʒ ɪk/ adjective 1. of or relating to the open seas or oceans. 2. living or growing at or near the surface of the ocean, far from land, as certain organisms. /pɛˈlædʒɪk/ adjective 1. of or relating to the open sea: pelagic whaling 2. (of marine life) living or occurring in the upper waters […]

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  • Pelagius

    [puh-ley-jee-uh s] /pəˈleɪ dʒi əs/ noun 1. 360?–420? English monk and theologian who lived in Rome: teachings opposed by St. Augustine. noun 1. died a.d. 561, pope 556–561. noun 1. died a.d. 590, pope 579–590. /pɛˈleɪdʒɪəs/ noun 1. ?360–?420 ad, British monk, who originated the body of doctrines known as Pelagianism and was condemned for […]

  • Pelagius I

    noun 1. died a.d. 561, pope 556–561.

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