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[puh-laz-jee-uh n, -juh n, -gee-uh n] /pəˈlæz dʒi ən, -dʒən, -gi ən/

of or relating to the Pelasgians.
a member of a prehistoric people inhabiting Greece, Asia Minor, and the islands of the eastern Mediterranean.
a member of any of the pre-Hellenic peoples (the Pelasgi) who inhabited Greece and the islands and coasts of the Aegean Sea before the arrival of the Bronze Age Greeks
of or relating to these peoples

late 15c., “of the Pelasgi,” from Latin Pelasgius, from Greek Pelasgios “of the Pelasgi,” from Pelasgoi “the Pelasgi,” name of a prehistoric people of Greece and Asia Minor who occupied Greece before the Hellenes, probably originally *Pelag-skoi, literally “Sea-people” (see pelagic).


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