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[puh-loh-tuh s; Portuguese pi-law-tahs] /pəˈloʊ təs; Portuguese pɪˈlɔ tɑs/

a city in S Brazil.
[puh-loh-tuh; Spanish pe-law-tah] /pəˈloʊ tə; Spanish pɛˈlɔ tɑ/
noun, plural pelotas
[puh-loh-tuh z; Spanish pe-law-tahs] /pəˈloʊ təz; Spanish pɛˈlɔ tɑs/ (Show IPA)
a Basque and Spanish game from which jai alai was developed.
the game of jai alai.
the ball used in pelota and jai alai.
/Portuguese peˈlɔtas/
a port in S Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul on the Canal de São Gonçalo. Pop: 323 000 (2005 est)
any of various games played in Spain, Spanish America, SW France, etc, by two players who use a basket strapped to their wrists or a wooden racket to propel a ball against a specially marked wall


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