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Pelvis justo major

pelvis justo major pelvis jus·to ma·jor (jŭs’tō mā’jər)
A gynecoid pelvis having greater than normal measurements in all diameters.


Read Also:

  • Pelvis justo minor

    pelvis justo minor pelvis justo mi·nor (mī’nər) n. A gynecoid pelvis with smaller than normal measurments in all diameters.

  • Pelvis major

    pelvis major n. See large pelvis.

  • Pelvis minor

    pelvis minor n. See small pelvis.

  • Pelvivertebral angle

    pelvivertebral angle pel·vi·ver·te·bral angle (pěl’və-vûr’tə-brəl, -vər-tē’brəl) n. The angle formed by the pelvis with the general axis of the trunk or spine.

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