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[pem-fi-guh s, pem-fahy-] /ˈpɛm fɪ gəs, pɛmˈfaɪ-/

noun, Pathology.
any of several diseases, often fatal, characterized by blisters on the skin and mucous membranes.
/ˈpɛmfɪɡəs; pɛmˈfaɪ-/
(pathol) any of a group of blistering skin diseases, esp a potentially fatal form (pemphigus vulgaris) characterized by large blisters on the skin, mucous membranes of the mouth, genitals, intestines, etc, which eventually rupture and form painful denuded areas from which critical amounts of bodily protein, fluid, and blood may be lost

pemphigus pem·phi·gus (pěm’fĭ-gəs, pěm-fī’gəs)
Any of several acute or chronic skin diseases characterized by groups of itching blisters.
pem’phi·gous adj.


Read Also:

  • Pemphigus erythematosus

    pemphigus erythematosus pemphigus er·y·the·ma·to·sus (ěr’ə-thē’mə-tō’səs, -thěm’ə-) n. A skin eruption marked by scaling blisters and patches on scalp, face, and trunk.

  • Pemphigus foliaceus

    pemphigus foliaceus pemphigus fo·li·a·ce·us (fō’lē-ā’shē-əs, -sē-əs) n. Chronic pemphigus in which extensive scaling dermatitis, with no perceptible blistering, may be present in addition to the bullae.

  • Pemphigus gangrenosus

    pemphigus gangrenosus pemphigus gan·gre·no·sus (gāng’grə-nō’səs) n. See bullous impetigo of the newborn.

  • Pemphigus vegetans

    pemphigus vegetans pemphigus veg·e·tans (věj’ĭ-tānz’) n.

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